General FAQ’s

Please refer to the following General FAQ’s for answers to commonly asked questions among our guests.  If  you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us.


Socks are also for sale, if you forget to bring them in our retail store.

What are the safety rules of Jump City USA LLC?

  • All participants must listen to employees monitoring the play area.
  • No running outside of the inflatables.
  • Observe posted weight limits of 180 lbs per user on the inflatables.
  • Socks are required for everyone in the facility including all Adults who are playing or not. Socks are for sale in the retail area if you forget to bring them.
  • No climbing or hanging on nets
  • No running up slides- One person at a time down the slides.
  • No one is allowed behind the bounce houses or red gates. Stay in play area.
  • No, food, drinks, gum or candy is allowed in the play area.
  • No pushing, shoving or rough play allowed.
  • No toys, keys or any sharp objects allowed on the inflatables.
  • For their safety the toddler area is for children 3 years old and younger.
  • A parent or guardian must be present at all times.
  • “HAVE FUN at Jump City USA”

Am I required to fill out a liability waiver?

Yes. For insurance purposes, a parent or guardian must read and sign the liability waiver. All children entering the facility must be listed on the waiver.

How often are the inflatables cleaned?

We clean and disinfect our inflatables at a minimum up to 3 times per day which includes all areas inside and out. We use hospital grade disinfectants on all equipment and surfaces.

Can adults play in the inflatables?

Yes, although adults are free to play, socks must be worn at all times in the play arena. Parents can always assist their child when needed, however in regard to playing on the inflatables there is a posted weight limit of 180 lbs per user.

Can I leave my child in the facility? Can I come alone without my kid?

No, all minors must have a Parent / Guardian present at all times while at Jump City USA LLC. No one may leave/enter without child/children present.

Do you allow outside food or drinks?

No outside food is permitted inside the facility except for full facility private rentals. The concession stand will be available during open hours of the facility.

Birthday Parties Only: Cake or Cupcakes are only allowed in private party room.


Do you have a separate play area for toddlers?

Yes, we have a separate play area strictly for toddlers

Are walk ins allowed?

Yes, walk ins are allowed during open hours of operation.

Are deposits refundable?

No. All deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions.

What if I do not bring socks?

Socks are required and are available for purchase at the front retail desk.

Can my child participate if wearing a cast, splint, or brace?

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, any child wearing a cast, splint or brace will not be allowed to participate in the play area. If invited to a party, the child may participate in activities in the party room.

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