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Contact Us At (216) 626-8000 or (877) 755-2489 For More Details.

Jump City USA building capacity is 390. We can accommodate all of the below events:

Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events,

Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties,

Church Events, School Field Trips,

Social Events, Daycare Field Trips,

Funeral Repass, Sip-N-Paints, 

Baby Shower, Gender Reveals & So Much More!


 Contact Us At (216) 626-8000 or (877) 755-2489 For More Details.

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Jump City USA Welcomes Private Fundraising Events!

For a quote, you can call us at (216)-626-8000 or (877)-755-2489, or email us at

All renters of the facility shall be required to sign a rental agreement, pay deposit and rental prior to using such facilities and grounds.

*The person signing the rental agreement must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and an authorized representative of the organization.

*No loose confetti or confetti balloons are allowed inside our facility.

*All buildings are “non-smoking” facilities. Smoking is prohibited inside any buildings. All users must comply with current smoking laws.

* Decorations must not be attached to the buildings by using nails, staples, tacks or cellophane tape. Masking tape, rice, confetti, glitter, gum, silly string and fog machines
are not allowed inside the facilities.

Everything brought into the building or onto the grounds by user (food, beverages, decorations and trash) must be removed at the conclusion of the event.

Private Inflatable Birthday Parties Are Available For You And Your Family $200.00 per hour

All Private Parties Must ointment!

*Up to 20 Kids

* 4 Large Cheese Pizzas

* Birthday Child Gets Their Own Personal Cheese Pizza

* Unlimited Drinks for The Children In The Party

We welcome large private parties. Please contact us directly for requests or details. Give us a call to tour our facility, (877) 755-2489 or (216) 626-8000.

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